Top Things to Do in Las Palmas

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Top Things to Do in Las Palmas

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Exploring Las Palmas has allowed me to discover the incredible array of activities this city offers. Attracting over 4 million visitors annually, it’s clear why Las Palmas is a top destination. The city boasts beautiful beaches, thrilling outdoor adventures, and an array of cultural experiences. Whether you’re passionate about nature, eager to dive into local culture, or a culinary adventurer, Las Palmas caters to all interests. Let’s delve into the best experiences Las Palmas has to offer.

Firstly, Las Palmas’ beaches, such as the renowned Las Canteras, are a must-visit. This beach is not only a place for relaxation but also offers opportunities for snorkeling and surfing, appealing to both leisure seekers and adventure enthusiasts. The city’s commitment to preserving natural beauty while providing recreational activities is evident here.

Cultural aficionados will find the Casa de Colón, a museum dedicated to Christopher Columbus and his voyages to the Americas, a fascinating stop. This museum, located in the historic Vegueta district, offers insights into the city’s rich history and its connection to transatlantic voyages.

For those interested in the culinary arts, Las Palmas presents an exciting food scene. The Mercado de Vegueta, for example, is a vibrant market where locals and tourists alike can explore the flavors of the Canary Islands. Sampling traditional dishes such as ‘papas arrugadas’ (wrinkly potatoes) with ‘mojo’ sauce makes for an authentic experience.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find the city’s surrounding landscapes exhilarating. Hiking in the nearby Caldera de Bandama offers breathtaking views and a chance to connect with the island’s volcanic nature.

In conclusion, Las Palmas is a city where every corner holds a new adventure. From its stunning beaches and historical sites to its lively markets and natural wonders, Las Palmas offers a diverse array of activities that cater to every type of traveler. Engaging in these experiences not only enriches your trip but also provides a deeper understanding of this vibrant city’s culture and natural beauty.


Las Palmas is renowned for its exquisite beaches, each providing a distinct and memorable experience for those who visit. Among these, Playa de Las Canteras stands out as a prime destination for anyone who loves the beach. Renowned for its golden sands and clear waters, Las Canteras is often celebrated as one of the top beaches globally.

Spending a day at Playa de Las Canteras is the ideal way to enjoy Las Palmas. It offers everything from lounging in the sunshine, swimming in the refreshing sea, to engaging in water sports such as snorkeling. The lively promenade along the beach is lined with a variety of stores, cafes, and restaurants, allowing for an entire day of entertainment and relaxation.

What makes Playa de Las Canteras unique is its natural barrier reef. This reef acts as a protective shield against strong currents, ensuring the waters are calm and safe for swimming. This feature makes the beach particularly appealing to families with children, providing a secure environment for a fun day at the sea.

It’s essential to understand why Las Canteras isn’t just another beach. Its natural reef isn’t a common feature among beaches and plays a crucial role in making the waters suitable for swimmers of all levels, including young children. Furthermore, the variety offered by the beachside promenade enriches the visitor’s experience, making it more than just a place to sunbathe but a spot to explore local culture and cuisine.

Dunes of Maspalomas

Strolling through the golden sand dunes of Maspalomas, I felt a wave of excitement and a keen sense of exploration. These dunes, a unique natural reserve located on the southern tip of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain, provide an exceptional setting for adventure. The idea of gliding down these vast sandy slopes on a sandboard thrilled me. The slopes, shaped by wind and ocean, offer varying degrees of difficulty, making it an exhilarating activity for both beginners and experienced sandboarders.

Moreover, the chance to embark on a camel safari across this stunning landscape added a layer of enchantment to the experience. Camel rides in Maspalomas aren’t only a novel way to traverse the dunes but also offer a glimpse into the traditional means of desert travel, making the journey through these natural wonders even more memorable.

The Dunes of Maspalomas are a testament to the dynamic forces of nature, constantly reshaped by the wind, creating a living desert landscape that’s both beautiful and challenging. This area, protected for its unique flora and fauna, serves as a crucial habitat for species adapted to desert conditions, highlighting the ecological importance of preserving such natural spaces.

In essence, the Dunes of Maspalomas stand as a thrilling natural playground that captivates the imagination and invites adventure. Whether it’s the thrill of sandboarding or the serene experience of a camel ride, this remarkable landscape offers an array of activities that connect visitors with the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Sandboarding in Maspalomas

As I embarked on my sandboarding journey down the slopes of Maspalomas, the surge of excitement was undeniable. This activity stands out for a few compelling reasons, making it an essential experience for anyone visiting Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Here’s why:

Firstly, the views you’re treated to as you navigate the dunes are nothing short of spectacular. Picture this: sprawling sands beneath you, with the vast ocean extending to the horizon. This remarkable contrast between the desert-like dunes and the azure waters is a sight to behold, enhancing the thrill of the ride.

Moreover, sandboarding in Maspalomas is more than just a sport; it’s a chance to create memories that stick with you long after the adventure ends. There’s something genuinely freeing about gliding down the dunes, feeling the wind against your face, and taking in the natural beauty around you. It’s these moments of pure joy and exhilaration that make sandboarding unforgettable.

Lastly, for those who love the great outdoors and are always on the lookout for the next adventure, sandboarding offers a unique opportunity to engage with the natural landscape of Maspalomas. It’s not just about the adrenaline rush; it’s about connecting with nature in a fun and dynamic way, exploring the dunes and enjoying the freedom that comes with it.

Camel Rides Through Dunes

Following the thrill of gliding down Maspalomas’ sandy slopes on a sandboard, the adventure evolves into a captivating camel ride across the dunes. This exceptional journey unfolds in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, amidst the breathtaking Dunes of Maspalomas.

Riding a camel transports you into an enchanting realm, where the serene undulations of the desert and the majestic Atlantic Ocean unfold before your eyes. This intimate day trip through the golden sands offers a deep connection with the serene beauty of the Canary Islands. It’s essential to have your camera ready, as the journey is filled with moments you’ll want to remember forever.

By highlighting the importance of the Dunes of Maspalomas—a renowned natural attraction known for its unique ecosystem and stunning landscapes—this experience emphasizes the beauty and tranquility of the Canary Islands. The gentle pace of the camel allows for a fully immersive experience, making it a perfect way to appreciate the natural surroundings. This activity not only offers a direct encounter with nature but also provides a glimpse into the traditional modes of desert transportation, adding a layer of cultural appreciation to the adventure.

The camel ride through the dunes is more than just an activity; it’s a bridge to understanding the delicate balance of this unique ecosystem and the importance of preserving such natural wonders. Engaging in this journey with a small group enhances the experience, allowing for a more personalized exploration of the landscape. This adventure is a testament to the rich experiences that await in the Canary Islands, inviting adventurers to connect with the environment in a profound and memorable way.


Embarking on a hike in Las Palmas opens the door to exploring its breathtaking landscapes and immersing oneself in the natural beauty that this destination has in abundance. From the majestic volcanic formations to verdant expanses, every nature lover will find their haven here. Let’s delve into three exceptional hiking adventures in Las Palmas that are sure to leave an indelible mark:

  • Venture to Bandama Volcano’s Peak: Kick-start your adventure by hiking up to Bandama Volcano’s peak. With each step, you’re met with sweeping views that span across Gran Canaria and the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The climb offers not just a physical challenge but a feast for the eyes, so having your camera handy is a must to capture the stunning vistas.
  • Wander Through Doramas Park: Enter a serene realm within the confines of Doramas Park. The park’s hiking paths meander through lush botanical gardens, offering a quiet escape from urban life. It’s an opportunity to slow down, appreciate the beauty of nature, and fill your lungs with clean, fresh air.
  • Trek to Pico de las Nieves and Roque Nublo: Embark on an adventure to Pico de las Nieves and Roque Nublo for a hike that’s as challenging as it’s rewarding. The rugged paths lead to unparalleled views of the island’s landscape. Remember to pack enough water and sunscreen for this journey, as the elements can be as demanding as the terrain.

Las Palmas caters to hikers of all levels, from novices to seasoned trailblazers. Each trail promises a unique experience, encouraging you to gear up and discover the natural splendors that make this destination extraordinary.

Local Cuisine

After an adventurous day of hiking in Las Palmas, it’s time to explore the rich flavors of the local cuisine in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This culinary journey promises to excite your taste buds.

A standout dish in Las Palmas is papas arrugadas. These are small potatoes boiled in saltwater until wrinkly and served with mojo sauce, a delicious blend of garlic, oil, vinegar, and spices. The soft potatoes paired with the zesty mojo sauce create a delightful combination.

Seafood enthusiasts will find Las Palmas a paradise. Near the Playa de Las Canteras, waterfront restaurants serve up fresh grilled fish and savory seafood paella. Dining here offers not only tasty meals but also breathtaking ocean views, enhancing your experience.

Cheese lovers have a treat waiting in Las Palmas with its selection of traditional Canarian cheeses. Make sure to try queso de flor, a soft cheese with subtle floral flavors, and queso de cabra, a tangy goat cheese. Enjoying these cheeses with a glass of local wine is a must.

Las Palmas has a thriving wine scene. Local wines like Malvasía and Listán Blanco reflect the region’s sun-drenched vineyards. Tasting these wines is like taking a trip through the beautiful landscapes of the area.

The tapas culture in Las Palmas is vibrant. Explore lively bars and eateries to sample various tapas, including the savory jamón ibérico and crispy croquetas. The bustling atmosphere and live music performances add to the city’s energy, making your culinary adventure even more enjoyable.

Las Palmas’ diverse and rich cuisine invites you to a world of flavors. With a variety of dishes and drinks to try, your culinary exploration in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is sure to be memorable. So, dive in and let the authentic tastes of the region lead you on an unforgettable journey.

Wine Tasting

Exploring the wineries in Las Palmas was an irresistible adventure for me, offering a chance to dive into the world of wine tasting. As soon as I arrived at the vineyards, the breathtaking landscapes and the rich scents in the air immediately caught my attention. This experience allowed me to uncover the distinct tastes of Canarian wines, enhancing my understanding of the island’s winemaking traditions.

The Canary Islands, including Las Palmas, are renowned for their unique volcanic soil, which significantly influences the flavor profile of the wines produced here. This particular terroir lends Canarian wines their notable minerality and complexity, a fact that wine enthusiasts and experts often highlight. During my visit, I learned about the meticulous process of viticulture in these challenging yet rewarding conditions, which includes the traditional practice of using stone walls to protect vines from the wind and to conserve moisture.

One of the highlights of my journey was tasting a variety of locally produced wines, from the aromatic and crisp white wines made from the Malvasia grape to robust reds crafted from the Listán Negro variety. Each sip offered insights into the island’s rich winemaking heritage, which dates back to the 15th century when the first vines were introduced by European settlers.

Moreover, engaging with the winemakers and vineyard owners provided me with invaluable insights into the passion and dedication behind Canarian winemaking. Their commitment to preserving traditional methods while embracing modern techniques is a testament to the vibrant wine culture of the Canary Islands.

Popular Wineries in Las Palmas

Exploring Las Palmas de Gran Canaria offers an unforgettable journey into the world of wine, where visitors can immerse themselves in the art of winemaking at some of the island’s most esteemed wineries. Nestled in the scenic landscape of Gran Canaria, these wineries not only present an opportunity to taste exceptional wines but also to delve into the rich tapestry of the local viticulture.

For those keen on experiencing the essence of Canarian wines, here are three must-visit wineries:

  • Bodega Los Lirios, positioned a stone’s throw from Plaza de España, stands out for its engaging wine tasting sessions that feature standout wines like Malvasía and Listán Blanco. The winery tour offers insights into the winemaking journey, highlighting the distinct flavors that Canarian wines bring to the palate.
  • Bodega Las Tirajanas, set against the backdrop of Gran Canaria’s breathtaking countryside, is celebrated for its panoramic views and premium wines. A visit here allows one to wander through the vineyards and cellars, gaining an appreciation for the meticulous process that goes into crafting their acclaimed wines.
  • Bodega Museo Canario, a historic gem located near the Museo Canario in the heart of Las Palmas, combines wine tasting with a cultural voyage through the Canary Islands’ heritage. This winery is an ideal stop for those eager to explore the intersection of wine and history, offering a taste of locally produced wines in a setting brimming with historical significance.

Each of these wineries offers a unique glimpse into the world of Canarian viticulture, providing visitors with not just a taste of their exquisite wines but also an educational journey through the winemaking tradition of the Canary Islands. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or a curious traveler, these wineries promise an enriching and flavorful experience.

Wine Tasting Experiences Available

Explore the rich tapestry of Gran Canaria’s local wines with enlightening wine tasting sessions. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the allure of Malvasía and Listán Blanco wines awaits your discovery.

Nestled in Playa de Las Canteras, Casa de Vinos serves as your gateway to the island’s wine culture, offering varied tasting events that promise to enrich your senses and deepen your understanding of Gran Canaria’s vinicultural heritage. Here, expert sommeliers will walk you through the intricacies of wine production, highlighting the distinct traits that set Gran Canaria’s wines apart.

These sessions are designed to cater to everyone, from seasoned wine aficionados to those just beginning their wine journey. Make sure to include a visit to Casa de Vinos in your Las Palmas itinerary for an authentic dive into the island’s wine legacy.

Caldera La Bandama

Tucked away in the stunning scenery of Las Palmas, the Caldera La Bandama stands as a majestic volcanic crater offering breathtaking views and a peek into Gran Canaria’s geological past. Here’s why Caldera La Bandama is a must-visit for anyone exploring Las Palmas:

  • Guided Hike: Join a guided tour around the Caldera La Bandama to dive into its volcanic origins and the rich biodiversity thriving here. A knowledgeable guide will unravel the story behind the crater’s formation and the diverse plant and animal life in the area, offering a deeper understanding of Gran Canaria’s natural heritage.
  • Ideal for Picnics: Caldera La Bandama is the perfect spot for a picnic amidst nature. Choose a comfortable place along the crater’s edge and enjoy the sweeping views of Gran Canaria’s rugged landscape. It’s an ideal setting to relax and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the natural world.
  • A Photographer’s Dream: Don’t forget your camera when visiting Caldera La Bandama. The striking contrast of the volcanic terrain, the azure Atlantic Ocean, and the distant silhouette of Pico de las Nieves form a captivating panorama that’s sure to delight photography enthusiasts.

Caldera La Bandama is a treasure of Las Palmas, offering insights into the island’s volcanic heritage and a haven of natural beauty. It’s an experience not to be missed on your trip to Las Palmas, promising a deeper connection with the island’s unique landscape and history.


As the day turns into night, Las Palmas transforms into a bustling hub of nightlife, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. The Santa Catalina district emerges as a prime spot for those eager to immerse themselves in the city’s dynamic after-dark scene. Here, an array of bars and clubs welcome visitors to dance to contemporary hits in an energetic setting. For those seeking a more tranquil evening, the Vegueta area offers a serene backdrop where live music and cocktails can be enjoyed amidst historic surroundings.

Delving into the essence of Spanish culture, flamenco performances provide an enchanting experience. These shows, held at specialized tablao venues, showcase the passionate dance and music that symbolize Spain’s rich heritage. Meanwhile, the Gran Casino Las Palmas presents an opportunity for excitement and potentially rewarding experiences, situated on the bustling Calle Mayor de Triana.

Las Palmas ensures that every night spent in the city is filled with unforgettable moments, whether it’s through the lively rhythms of a club, the soothing melodies of a live band, or the thrilling atmosphere of a casino. Each venue and activity illustrates the city’s commitment to offering diverse entertainment options, making Las Palmas a cherished destination for night owls and cultural enthusiasts alike.

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