Top Things to Do in Guilin

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Top Things to Do in Guilin

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Exploring Guilin is an adventure filled with diverse activities. You can start with a peaceful cruise on the Li River. This experience is unforgettable. Then, visit the Longji Rice Terraces. Their beauty is stunning. Another must-see is the Reed Flute Cave. Its natural formations will amaze you. Don’t miss cycling through Yangshuo’s countryside.

It offers a fresh perspective on rural China. Sampling local foods is essential too. Guilin’s cuisine is as rich as its landscapes. Yet, there’s a secret place in Guilin that captures its true spirit. Few travelers know about it, making it a special find.

Guilin’s attractions offer something for everyone. The Li River Cruise provides serene views of karst mountains. The Longji Rice Terraces showcase agricultural artistry. The Reed Flute Cave displays nature’s creativity. Cycling in Yangshuo reveals charming rural scenes. Each activity introduces a different facet of Guilin. This mix makes Guilin a unique destination.

The secret spot in Guilin is a treasure. It epitomizes the city’s essence. Discovering it adds depth to your visit. Guilin isn’t just a list of sites. It’s an experience woven from its natural, cultural, and culinary threads. This secret place, hidden from the usual tourist paths, offers a genuine glimpse into Guilin’s soul.

In summary, Guilin is more than its highlights. It’s a journey through breathtaking landscapes, rich traditions, and delicious flavors. The secret spot in Guilin enriches this journey. It reminds us that the true beauty of travel lies in uncovering the hidden. Guilin invites you to explore, taste, and discover all it has to offer.

Li River Cruise

Embarking on the Li River Cruise is a journey like no other. It takes you through Guilin’s stunning karst landscapes. This 83-kilometer trip from Guilin to Yangshuo unveils the area’s sheer beauty. You’ll see karst mountains, bamboo groves, and traditional Chinese scenes. All these elements create a serene backdrop. The river’s gentle flow offers moments that are almost too perfect.

The Li River Cruise is like entering a live painting. The landscape’s beauty is captivating. It offers a moment to relax and enjoy nature. This cruise is perfect for those who love photography or seek peace. It promises a memorable Guilin experience.

The cruise shows why the Li River is a top Guilin destination. Its tranquil beauty is awe-inspiring. You’ll find yourself surrounded by nature’s wonders. This makes the Li River Cruise an unforgettable experience.

In simple terms, the Li River Cruise offers an escape into nature’s artwork. It’s a journey that reveals the best of Guilin’s landscapes. Whether you’re capturing photos or soaking in the peace, it’s an experience not to miss.

Explore Longji Rice Terraces

The Longji Rice Terraces in Guilin are a destination that shouldn’t be missed. These terraces spread over 66 square kilometers. They offer more than just views. Here, visitors can experience the beauty of sunrise hikes. As the sun rises, it turns the terraces golden. This is a magical moment.

The area has many observation decks. From these, you can see the rice fields below. These fields aren’t just for show. Local people, belonging to the Zhuang, Yao, and Dong minority villages, still farm here. This gives visitors a chance to learn about their way of life.

One should visit Pingan Zhuang Village and the Jinkeng Terraced Fields. These places show the true beauty of the Longji Rice Terraces. They let visitors see the culture and traditions of the local people.

Visit Reed Flute Cave

Located a mere 7 km from the heart of Guilin, the Reed Flute Cave invites visitors into its breathtaking world. This karst cave, known for its vibrant stalactites and stalagmites, offers a 250-meter journey into the earth. The use of light transforms the cave into an enchanting underground realm, highlighting the natural sculptures that have formed over millennia. As you traverse the wooden pathways, you feel an immediate connection with the explorers of old, surrounded by the splendor of geological artistry. The Reed Flute Cave is a cornerstone of Guilin’s tourist attractions, showcasing the incredible subterranean beauty of the area.

From the first step inside, the Reed Flute Cave captivates with its beauty. It stands as a testament to nature’s ability to create awe-inspiring sights beneath our feet. This cave not only adds to Guilin’s charm but also serves as a reminder of the earth’s ancient history. The illuminated paths guide visitors through a visual feast, making each step a discovery of shapes and colors that seem almost too perfect to be natural.

Visitors to Guilin shouldn’t miss the chance to see the Reed Flute Cave. Its proximity to the city makes it an easy addition to any travel itinerary, promising an experience filled with wonder and admiration for the natural world. The cave’s ability to enchant and educate its guests makes it a valuable stop in exploring the region’s geological and cultural heritage.

In essence, the Reed Flute Cave offers more than just a visual spectacle; it’s a journey into the heart of nature’s underground gallery. Each visit contributes to the understanding and appreciation of the natural forces that shape our world, making it an essential experience for those in Guilin.

Discover Yangshuo Countryside

Exploring Yangshuo Countryside offers an escape into a world of stunning karst peaks, lush rice fields, and tranquil rivers. This area is a perfect retreat from city noise, connecting you with nature. You’ll see traditional villages and water buffaloes in the fields. Yangshuo Countryside is great for outdoor activities like biking and hiking. You can take your time on winding paths through beautiful landscapes.

The charm of Yangshuo Countryside lies in its simplicity and natural beauty. Whether you’re cycling at a leisurely pace or hiking up karst peaks for a breathtaking view, there’s something for everyone here. The freedom of exploring this serene place, with fresh air filling your lungs, is unmatched.

Yangshuo Countryside isn’t just scenic. It’s a place where you can actively engage with your surroundings. From the rhythm of paddling down the river to the satisfaction of reaching a peak, each activity enriches your experience. It’s a destination that combines adventure with tranquility, making it ideal for those seeking both.

Enjoy Guilin Rice Noodles

Experience the unique taste of Guilin Rice Noodles, an essential dish in Guilin with a history spanning over 2,000 years. This local favorite is available throughout the day, offering a rich and flavorful dining adventure. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on Guilin Rice Noodles:

First, the broth stands out. It comes from simmering pork bone or beef, seasoned with chili, garlic, and spices. This mix gives the noodles a unique, delicious flavor.

Then, there are the toppings. You can enjoy tender slices of meat, fresh vegetables, and crunchy peanuts. These add different textures and tastes, making every bite enjoyable.

Guilin Rice Noodles are more than food. They carry the cultural essence of Guilin, offering a peek into the region’s rich culinary tradition.

Why are Guilin Rice Noodles special? The preparation involves expert knowledge of local ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Chefs use high-quality rice to make the noodles, ensuring a perfect texture. The broth’s preparation, a slow simmering process, extracts deep flavors from the bones and spices. Each topping is carefully selected to complement the broth and noodles, from the tender meat to the crispy peanuts.

In essence, Guilin Rice Noodles encapsulate the culinary wisdom of generations. Eating them isn’t just a meal but a journey through the heart of Guilin’s food culture. Whether you’re a food lover or curious traveler, Guilin Rice Noodles offer a taste of the local lifestyle that’s hard to find anywhere else.


Leaving Guilin, my heart is full. The Li River’s beauty, the hikes among terraced fields, and the taste of local food will stay with me. Guilin is a place of natural wonders and cultural richness. Each moment there’s an adventure.

Guilin’s landscapes are unforgettable. The Li River, with its water reflecting the sky, winds through mountains and past villages. This scene is a top thing to do in Guilin. It shows nature’s art.

The terraced fields are another must-see in Guilin. These fields show how people have shaped the land over centuries. They aren’t just farmland; they’re a testament to harmony between humans and nature.

Local food in Guilin adds to its charm. Rice noodles, spicy dishes, and fresh fish are just a start. Eating here is exploring Guilin’s culture through taste.

In Guilin, every step is an opportunity to discover something new. This city invites you to explore its beauty and culture. Guilin isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience.

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