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When to visit Disneyland

Here is a rundown of the best and worst seasons to visit Disneyland Paris:

  • January 2nd – March: This part of the year is one of the best periods to visit the parks (especially January after New Year’s Day). The number of guests will be low and you have a big chance to find the parks covered in a coat of snow since the weather is quite chilly. Avoid the Winter Holidays as this 2 week break (differs in each part of France but is usually from mid-February to mid-March) will bring an extra, but not really big, number of visitors. Prices are usually low too.
  • April – June: As April rolls by the parks start to become busier and busier as the weather gets better and the Easter Week along with the traditional Spring Break Avoid visiting in April at all if possible and prefer the warmer, less crowded and cheaper months of May and June.
  • July – August: The parks will start to become progressively busier from the first week of July and peak in August due to the Summer Holidays. The parks will be packed with visitors from all over Europe, which usually means 1-2 hour waits for the most popular rides, and the flow of them won’t be restricted to weekends like the rest of the year, but the whole week. Hotel and ticket prices are also sky high during these months and may not be affordable for many people. Make sure that you book reservations for them early. The weather in summer is pleasant but there are certain days of the year that temperatures will surpass 30°C (85°F) but temperatures above 35°C (95°F) are rare.
  • September – December 23rd: The All Saints Holiday and the Halloween Party will bring a big chunk of guests in the park, but for the rest of the autumn and early winter the parks might well be a ghost town. If you want to experience the Christmas offering and decorations without the huge crowds of the Christmas Week, November and early December are the best bets.
  • December 24th – January 1st: The busiest week of the year will come during Christmas. Like the rest of Disney Parks around the planet, Disneyland Paris gets absolutely swamped with visitors both foreign and domestic that want to experience the holiday magic. It is advisable that you go there early and plan your day before you go (using Fastpass is also recommended). Due to the many special events and decorationsthough, Disneyland Paris is one of the most magical places to be during Christmas despite the big crowds, high prices and cold weather.


Special Events

Special Events vary each year (that’s why it’s best to check the official Disneyland Paris website about what is offered during your visit) but there are two that are held each year at the same day: Disney Halloween Party and Disney’s Enchanted Christmas:

  • The Halloween Party takes place on 1 day, from 20:30 to 2am on the last day of October. There guests can go trick or treating throughout the park, wear Halloween Costumes, meet their favorite villains and experience all attractions until 2am as the park becomes a giant party. The party is NOT free and one has to purchase a ticket in advance. Halloween decorations will be up in the last week of October and will be taken down once the first week of November is open.
  • Disney’s Enchanted Christmasis a much bigger event that takes place in both parks from mid-November (right after Halloween) to the first week of January. Both parks will be filled with christmas decorations and Sleeping Beauty Castle will have thousands of bright lights on top of its towers. For the 2018 season the parks will feature a special parade called Disney Christmas Parade along with Mickey’s Magical Christmas Light and Merry Stitchmas (music shows) in front of the Town Square Theater and Castle Stage respectively in Disneyland Paris. Walt Disney Studios Park will also feature special events including: Goofy’s Incredible Christmas (a nighttime projection show in the Tower of Terror) and Tap, Tap, Tap along to Mickey’s Christmas Big Band (a special show in the Animagique Theater). New Year’s Eve is celebrated in a very beautiful way in Disneyland Paris (not Walt Disney Studios), as the park runs the Incredible New Year’s Eve Parade and the spectacular New Year’s Celebration Fireworks will light up the sky once the clock hits midnight. Christmas decorations are also very prominent to both Disney Village and Disney’s Resort Hotels.

Disneyland Park Paris

Being the original park of the resort, Disneyland Park opened on April 13th 1992. The park, along with the rest of the resort, was plagued with financial problems for at least 20 years and hasn’t unfortunately opened any new attractions since 1994, with Space Mountain: La Terre de la Lune. In spite of this, it is considered the best “castle” park on the planet due to its incredible attention to detail. From the facades of Main Street USA to the hidden corners of Adventureland and the magnificent gardens of Fantasyland, it is obvious that imaginers have done a great work. Many of the headliners, including Big Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight got huge refurbishments for the park’s 25th anniversary and now look better than ever!

Main Street USA

The official gateway to the park, lets guests walkthrough and experience a town in Middle America, in the 1900s in all its glory. You can also experience the mods of transportation that people used to use in this era such as horse-drawn streetcars!

  • Main Street USA Vehicles— Go back to the turn of the century and hop on this iconic vehicles from the early years of the 20th century. The vehicles can be caught in the Town Square and also have a driver. One of the best ways to get amazing views of Main Street USA and escape the crowds, but the attraction closes earlier than the rest of the park so check the schedule.
  • Horse-Drawn Streetcars— Another mode of transportation during the early 1900s, this streetcars lets you take a seat enjoy a tour of Main Street USA and around the Hub, with real horses pulling the cars! The ride is very susceptible to the mood of the horses and can have frequent interruptions and schedules change every day.
  • Liberty Arcade— This beautiful arcade one the left side of Main Street USA behind the shops is full with benches, chairs and gas lanterns to relax with protection from the sun and rain. The arcade also tells the story of the Statue of Liberty as you stroll through.
  • Discovery Arcade— Just like the Liberty Arcade, this arched pathway is a very good place to relax and avoid the chaos of Main Street USA. The only difference is that this arcade is inspired by scale models from the Golden Age of Innovation, from the turn of the 19th Century.
  • Disneyland Railroad-Main Street USA station— 4 meticulously store, working narrow-gauge trains take guests into a 20-minute scenic tour around the park with stations in Frontierland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland and Main Street USA. The Main Street USA station is by far the most impressive and the one that typically sees the longest waits to board one of the trains. Avoid it from late-morning to late-afternoon. The railroad also closes 2-3 hours earlier than the rest of the park so check the schedule.
  • Meet n’ greet with Daisy and friends— A typical meet n’ greet next to the Discovery Arcade, and it has varying schedule.


This elaborate land, left of Main Street USA, pays tribute an American town in the Wild West in the 19th century, called Thunder Mesa.The town that flourished during the Gold Mining Boom, but it’s now abandoned and strange legends are said to haunt it.

Fastpass offered: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (1.02m height requirement) — Hold on tight and board a runaway mine cart that takes you through hills and caverns inside an abandoned mountain that previously housed a mine and, according to legend, a supernatural force is said to dwell inside it. The ride was designed with the whole family in mind but some parts of it are bumpy and many scenes take place in the dark. The ride is also featured in other 3 Disney parks around the world (Tokyo Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Disneyland) but this is the most impressive due to its iconic location in the middle of Frontierland, where guests from other parks would expect Tom Sawyer Island. The mountain also underwent a big refurbishment in 2016 and that updated the tracks and introduced a new explosive show scene in the end. The ride attracts the longest lines in the park, well above 60-70 minutes on busy days. Experience within the first half an hour after park opening or during the night as the lighting gives the ride a whole new feel. Fastpass is also recommended but keep in mind that they can run out before 12pm.
  • Phantom Manor— Muster up some courage and venture inside this elaborate but abandoned manor and become part of a fun-filled mystery where ghoulish ghosts and spirits guard your every turn. The mansion is homed to 999 happy haunts, but there is room for one more…….. (did you bring your death certificate?). The ride is different than the other Haunted Mansion style rides encompasses the legend that is said to haunt Thunder Mesa. It is also in French but this doesn’t take anything from the overall experience. The ride is popular but its omminover system means that peak waits are within the vicinity of 30 minutes. Again it is better experienced early in the day or at night since it doesn’t offer Fastpass.
  • Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing Two old, majestic paddle streamers that date from the 19th century, take guests into a leisurely riverboat ride around the central river of Frontierland and offer a great view of Thunder Mesa. The ride closes approximately 2-3 hours earlier than the rest of the park and it is one of the best ways to escape the crowds (although lines equal to 20 minutes can sometimes form).
  • Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery— From prickly cacti to Peg-Leg Pete, this arcade is a good way to exercise your gunning skills in the multiple targets that are present.
  • Pocahontas Indian Village A playground where kids enjoy a playful time filled with activities such as gaming and sliding, while the parents relax on the benches. All of this inside the village of the princess from Disney’s 1997 animated movie, Pocahontas.
  • Meet n’ Greet with Goofy and Friends A typical meet n’ greet next to the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing entrance. Schedule varys.
  • Meet n’ Greet with Woody and Friends A typical meet n’ greet with Woody before the entrance of the Pocahontas Indian Village. Varying schedule.
  • Disneyland’s Frontierland Depot— The Disneyland Railroad station in Frontierland and typically the one that sees the shortest lines.


This land is focused in the many adventures that Disney characters have faced. Split into 3 themed areas based on Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Aladdin with heavy arabian and indian influences, it is a complete gem and considered one of the best of its kind.

Fastpass offered: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (1.40m height requirement) — This abandoned haunted temple has a strange story attached to it. Board your runaway wagon, race through the dark and mysterious jungle ruins and discover its secrets. This is a very good themed rollercoaster that also has full loop in its center. Therefore if anyone is prone to problems from such types of rides it should be avoided. The ride is typically the one that sees the shortest lines (compared to other headliners), as even on busy days they rarely get above 45 minutes. There is also great Fastpass availability here and they can be picked even during early evening.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean— Step inside a grand fort based on the Caribbean sea, board a small barge and set sail for a voyage back in time when pirates wrecked havoc across the High Seas. Underwent a 6-month long refurbishment in 2017 and now features characters from the recent movies like Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa and the entire infamous crew. Beautifully done it is considered one of the best dark rides of all time and it is prominently featured in 5 out of 6 Disney parks around the world. Waits for the Pirates of the Caribbean can be quite unpredictable. They can jump from 15 minutes to 45 minutes within a short periods of time and vice-versa. Regardless the ride has very high capacity and that’s the main reason that Fastpass isn’t offered here. Better experienced early in the day or during nightfall as darkness gives the exterior a whole new feel. The queue is also very elaborate.
  • Le Passage Enchante d’Aladdin— An indoor walkthrough attraction right on the western entrance of Adventureland, that tells the story of Aladdin in beautiful miniature scenes inside the winding stone passageways of Agrabah.
  • Adventure Isle— A huge green island with winding passageways, caves and playgrounds based one the stories of both pirates and adventurers. The island is big and little kids may get lost if they are left alone and it is connected to the rest of the park via 3 bridges.
    • Les Cabane des RobinsonExplore this huge tree house on top of Adventure Isle, built by the shipwrecked Swiss Family Robinson. Offers great views of Adventureland. The tree house is designed for a certain amount of people so when demand is high, 5-minute waits can form.
    • Pirate’s Beach— Ahoy there! Let buccaneering boys and girls play in this swashbuckling playground while the parents watch from above.
    • Pirate Galleon— This pirate galleon – available to enter! – sits right next to the frightening Skull Rock and is ready to welcome guests for a buccaneering guests for a pirate inspection!
  • Meet n’ Greet with Aladdin and friends— A typical meet n’ greet with Aladdin. Varying schedule. Located directly next to the Agrabah Cafe.
  • Meet n’ Greet with Peter Pan— A typical meet n’ greet with Peter Pan. Varying schedule. Located directly before the entrance to Fantasyland from Frontierland.


The place where all Disney fairytales come to life. This is the most iconic land of every disneyland-style park around the world and not for nothing. Here you can soar high above Neverland with Peter Pan, meet your favorite princesses in the Princess Pavilion and even take a joyful tour around the world in It’s A Small World.

Fastpass offered: Peter Pan’s Flight

Note: Fantasyland closes 1 hour earlier than the rest of the park to accommodate with the firework show behind Cinderella’s Castle.

  • Sleeping Beauty Castle— Rising high in the sky at the end of Main Street USA, this castle has been the icon of the entire resort since it opened in 1992. The castle invites every single visitor to Disneyland Paris to celebrate the place where dreams come true.
    • La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant— Inside the ominous castle, this gallery filled with lavishly illustrated book, and rich tapestries with truly majestic glass windows, tells the story of its most famous occupant, Aurora” or commonly known as Sleeping Beauty.
    • La Taniere du Dragon— Beneath the enchanting Sleeping Beauty Castle lies something else. A dragon! This animatronic mythical beast is accessible via a pathway directly on the left of the castle, which leads into its huge dungeon. This attraction may frighten younger children
  • Les Voyages de Pinocchio— Board a wooden cart and join Pinocchio and his friend, Jimmy Carter, on his quest to become a real boy in a no-strings-attached adventure inside this classic, old-style Fantasyland dark ride. The ride is more popular than neighboring Blanche Niege et les Sept Nains, but still waits at 30 minutes are only seen on the busiest of busy days so it’s a very good attraction to experience all day. The ride also has one or two scenes that can frighten younger ones.
  • Blanche Niege et les Sept Nains— Another old-style Fantasyland dark ride, where guests get to experience, from inside a minecart, the magical story of Snow White and discover how the Seven Dwarfs helped defeat the evil queen. Despite being described as a family-friendly adventure, the ride features many scary scenes for small children. Not very popular, the ride very rarely has a wait above 20 minutes. There is also a hidden secret. Sometimes during the day the evil witch can be seen in the window watching guests below……
  • Le Carousel de Lancelot— The typical carousel that can be found in every Disney park, sits in the middle of the Castle Courtyard and it is themed after the famous knight Lancelot himself! Rarely will you have wait more than  20 minutes.
  • Peter Pan’s Flight— Board a magical galleon and through Wendy’s room, sail into the moonlight sky of London before sweeping through Neverland to meet pirates, mermaids, Indians and even the Lost Boys! The ride opened first time in Disneyland in 1955 and its smashing success has made it a feature in 5 out of 6 disney parks on earth. Also, unlike other Fantasyland rides, this has the employed the technique of evoking nostalgia to not only children but adults too. Like its original counterpart, the ride is unfortunately very slow-loading despite being one of the parks headliners. Lines build up quickly and can occasionally reach 60 minutes. This should be a top priority during the morning (after Big Thunder Mountain) unless one is planning to use Fastpass (can run out before 12pm). An alternative is to ride it during or after the fireworks show.
  • Dumbo: The Flying Elephant— Go high into the sky for a joyful journey round and round above Fantasyland with everybody’s favorite elephant from the classic Disney-animated film, Dumbo. This is the only ride that is featured in every Disney park completely identical to its counterparts. Although it is very enjoyable for kids and adults alike, its location right in the middle of Fantasyland, coupled with its low capacity, can mean waits between 30-45 minutes once the park fills around 12pm. This is the second highest priority in Fantasyland, after Peter Pan’s Flight, and doesn’t offer Fastpass so it should be experienced before 11pm or after 7pm. Keep in mind that the queue, while covered, is outside and non-air conditioned, therefore offering no protection from the summer heat.
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups— Take off on top of a colorful teacup for a merry-mad spin around a giant teapot! The teacups not only spin around the rides center but also around its central axis and guests can control its spin from the wheel in its center. Although having shorter waits than Dumbo, it is more popular than Lancelot’s Carousel and waits usually range between 5-25 minutes.
  • Alice’s Curious Labyrinth— A labyrinth where you wander through your own adventure in Wonderland, with a Cheshire Cat smile in every corner. Can you make it to the Queen of Hearts castle? To avoid congestion during the labyrinth, cast members have the right to hold some guests in the entrance, leading to some short waits when demand is high. If you want to visit the castle and don’t want to go through the labyrinth, enter through the exit.
  • Princess Pavilion— Inside this small house next to It’s A Small World rest three Disney princesses. And guests have been invited to experience them all! The princesses can change every day. If you come and meet 3 one day, the next day at least 1 princess will be different. The meet n’ greet is very popular and lines antagonize those of the park’s headlining rides. The pavilion can open with a 45-minute wait and reach 90 minutes if circumstances are favorable. Lineup here immediately after park opening or right before the closing of the pavilion (closes 2-3 hours earlier than the rest of the park).
  • It’s A Small World— Set sail on “the happiest cruise on earth” for a relaxing and whimsical voyage across the world as dolls from every continent sing and dance the catchy tune of “it’s a small world”. The song has won an academy award for its message of peace and acceptance to all people around the world. The ride is very good at loading and waits above 20 minutes are rare, making it an all-day experience. If you have headphones, take them off. The song is worth hearing at least once.
  • Meet Mickey Mouse— The world’s favorite mouse is here! Mickey is preparing to give a show but always has time meet guests in his dressing room backstage to take a photo and discover some truly magical tips and tricks! This meet n’ greet is typically less popular than the Princess Pavilion but can still get 45min+ waits on busy days. Experience it early during the day or directly before its closure (closes 2-3 hours earlier than the rest of the park).
  • Casey Jr. Le Petit Train du Cirque— Join the circus and jump aboard a little, jolly train from Disney’s Dumbo for a gentle ride through the world of fairytales, featuring miniatures like Prince Eric’s Seaside Castle, Rapunzel’s High Tower and Arendelle. The ride runs the same course like Les Pays de Contes de Fees. It is more popular though mainly due to its shorter duration and the fact that only one train runs in the tracks means lines around 30 minutes during busy afternoons. The ride, along with the rest of the Storybook Land closes much earlier than the rest of the park so check the schedule.
  • Les Pays de Contes de Fees— Inside a 15-person boat set sail for a joyful cruise along the land of fairytales with miniature attractions for classic Disney movies like the Little Mermaid, Frozen and Tangled. The ride runs along the same course as Casey Jr le Petit Train du Cirque. Closes earlier than the rest of the park and it is also benefited by live-voice skippers. It is extremely rare for the ride to spot a wait above 10 minutes.
  • Disneyland Railroad Station in Fantasyland— The Disneyland Railroad station in Fantasyland. Gets shorter lines than the Main Street but larger than both Frontierland’s and Discoveryland’s.


This area takes the “Tomorrowland” idea a step further. The land fully immerses you in the concept of the stories of Jules Verne that talk about the wonders of human innovation. While the land has lost some of the charm it once had, it is still great.

Fastpass offered: Hyperspace Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Single Rider offered: Hyperspace Mountain

  • Hyperspace Mountain— Step inside the icon of Adventureland and prepare for a jump through hyperspace. Blast off and help the Resistance defeat the Empire in the furthest reaches on the galaxy. The Star Wars takeover of this classic attraction through space was launched in early 2017 for the park’s 25th anniversary as temporary but has stayed since then. The makeover didn’t make the attraction neither less nor more popular than it used to be and are usually around 30 minutes while having the potential to reach 60 minutes on crowded days. Experience it early during the day or right before park closing since Discoveryland, unlike other lands, remains crowded during nighttime. Otherwise use Fastpass or the Single Rider line (the only attraction in the park to offer it). Keep in mind that the rollercoaster takes place in almost complete darkness and has 3 loops. Think carefully before riding.
  • Orbitron— Pilot your own spaceship and spin round and round above the skies of Discoveryland, while having the ability to control the height of your vehicle. Much like Dumbo over in Fantasyland, the ride’s iconic location (in the center of Discoverland) and low capacity can mean waits above at around 40 minutes. Experience it during the morning or late at night (the ride empties quicker than the other ones).
  • Autopia (81cm to board a cart) (1.32m to drive the cart) — You don’t need a license to drive here. Jump on the driving seat of a car as envisioned by manufacturers in the 1950s and take a drive through this miniature motorway, filled with trees, while also being able to control the speed of your car. Just be careful not to bump to the car in the front. The Autopia is one of a few rides in the resort that attract lengthy lines (40-50 minutes occasionally) and do not offer Fastpass. Experience it early during the day or right before park closing, since it still remains quite crowded during the night.
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast— Evil Emperor Zurg is stealing batteries from helpless toys. Now, with the help of Buzz Lightyear, guests must aim with lasers at the targets and defeat the emperor before it gets too powerful. The attraction opened in 2005, replacing The Visionarium and is now the only interactive ride in the entire resort. It quickly became very popular with children and adults alike and wait times rival those of Hyperspace Mountain these days. Experience it within the first hour from park opening or last thing at night. Otherwise use Fastpass (can run out quickly). Many guests ride it multiple times and try to beat their scores.
  • Les Mysteries du Nautilus— “Dive” into an exhibition showcasig Jules Verne story of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. See the legendary submarine of the Nautilus for yourself through its hallways. Don’t forget to look out of the window as a giant squid is out there! Contrary to popular belief you never go into the submarine displayed in the lake, but underground it.
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue— This 3D-motioned simulator lets guests board a Starspeeder 1000 and blast through the war-torn planets of the Star Wars world, like Jakku, Tatooine and even the Death Star as the Resistance continues to battle the First Order. The attraction was one of those who experienced a huge update during the 25th anniversary, bringing it in par to the its counterparts in other Disney parks and adding a new futuristic-looking airplane. It’s location on the back of Discoveryland and good capacity means that Star Tours doesn’t usually surpass 40 minutes worth of wait and also empties considerably earlier than the rest of Discoveryland. Fastpass isn’t a good use here as the queue is quite nice (set on an intergalactic space station). Experience it during the morning or nightfall.
  • Starports: A Star Wars Encounter— Prepare for an out-of-this-world encounter with the famous but dreaded Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader! Can get half an hour lines during midday and it closes earlier than the rest of the park so check the schedule.
  • Star Wars: The Path of the Jedi— One of the many short movies that have been housed in the Discoveryland Theater, this 10-minute shoer movie showcases iconic moments from the Star Wars films, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Closes earlier than the rest of the park and never has a line.
  • Disneyland Railroad – Discoveryland Station— The Disneyland Railroad station in Discoveryland, more popular than Frontierland but less than both Fantasyland and Main Street USA.

Walt Disney Studios Park

The sister park of Disneyland Paris opened in 2002. Since then it has received a lot of criticism of lacking the feel of “Disney” and being miniscule. Some of the acclaims are true (Walt Disney Studios park is currently the smallest disney park on the planet but not the one with the least rides) but the park features some very unique and exciting attractions, worth doing at least once. The park will undergo major expansion between 2019-2023 that will transform the Backlot into a full-fledged land based on Marvel Characters, add a brand new lake, expand the current central boulevard and add 2 new lands based on Frozen and the Star Wars franchise. Unfortunately all of these additions and remakes will see the closure of some fan-favorite rides such as the Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic and Rock n’ Rollercoaster. So catch them while you still can!

Front Lot

Journey into the world of movies into the Front Lot, the entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park and set the climate for the magic about to unvolve.

  • Disney Studio 1— Welcome to Hollywood! Stroll down this small boulevard inspired by the real Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles and jump into the limelight and surprising run of films. All of this inside and air-conditioned! Don’t forget see the 10(!) different shops. The Studio also serves as the entrance to the park, like Main Street USA over in Disneyland Park.

Production Courtyard

Step into the Production Courtyard. Filled with awesome rides, majestic shows and dining worthy of stars, this is the first land that guests run into after Studio 1 and really helps set the tone for the park.

Fastpass offered: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (1.02m height requirement) — Step inside this infamous, haunted and once-glamorous hotel right in the middle of Hollywood and experience first-hand the mysterious event that forced it to close in 1939. After the preshow, step into a maintenance service elevator that will drop you 13 unlucky floors and straight into….The Twilight Zone! The attraction is based on the hit 1950s American TV-series called Twilight Zone and opened as part of the park’s first expansion (along with Crush’s Coaster and Cars Race Rally) in 2007. It has dominated the resort’s skyline ever since and quickly became an immediate hit. Waits can get long during busy days (around 40-50 minutes). The attraction thankfully offers Fastpass and it should be the second one of the day, after Ratatouille: The Adventure. Waits times also drop considerably during the last 2 hours that the park is open.
  • Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic— Board a studio tram and take a relaxing tour “behind the scenes” of the Production Courtyard to see how movies are made. An explosive end awaits you though inside the Catastrophe Canyon filled with fire and water! One of the 3 opening day attractions in the park, it was copied from Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World (which closed in 2014). The ride isn’t very popular anymore and its good capacity means that waits don’t often surpass 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the queue is very boring and you want to avoid it during midday.
  • Marvel Super Heroes United— Immense yourself to this groundbreaking show – only present in Walt Disney Studios Park – and see your favorite characters such as Iron Man and Captain America, played by live actors with state-of-the-art special effects, battle each other before uniting with Spiderman and Black Widow to bring down the worst villain ever, Thanos! Plays on certain times during the day so check the schedule.
  • Stitch Encounter— This interactive show features the little, adorable blue alien, Stitch himself! Guests can chat and sing with the little alien that communicates via a satellite link-up. Stitch in this show, is neither a real person nor an animtronic. It is on a screen where both his moves and voice are controlled and synchronized brilliantly by cast members. Performs on select times during the day so check the schedule.
  • Disney Jr. Live on Stage— An all-singing, all-dancing show – with no chairs – where Mickey, Minnie and Goofy sing some very catchy songs and take the audience with them! Performed on select times during the day so check the schedule.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance Off— Meet up with Star Lord and Gamora and spin, shake, step, and slide onto the dance floor filled with music from classic of the 1970s and ’80s. Performed on specific times during the day so check the schedule.

Toon Studio

Step into the park’s largest land and join the cast in some of Disney’s greatest animated stories. Shrink to the size of mouse, ride the East Australian Current or go up and down in a paratrooper operation, this land is tons of fun and also has heavy influences from Pixar. The land was formerly known as Animation Courtyard, until 2007.

Fastpass offered: Ratatouille: The Adventure, Magic Carpets of Agrabah

Single Rider offered: Crush’s Coaster, RC Racer, Ratatouille: The Adventure

  • Crush’s Coaster (1.07m height requirement) — Join Crush and his friends inside a the beached soundstage and, after cruising leisurely through Sydney’s Harbor on board a turtle, hop on a giant turtle shell and spin, dive and fight against the forces of the East Australian Current! While this has been one of the highlights of the park for families, the rollercoaster part of the ride takes place in complete darkness and also spins, making it a big no for those either afraid of darkness or are prone to motion sickness. Also the turtle shells rotate freely meaning a different experience every time! Crush’s Coaster is insanely popular but unfortunately wasn’t designed to handle such a big amount of people. Waits will always range between 45 and 90 minutes and the coaster can reach 1 hour worth of wait within the first 20 minutes that the park is open. Experience it first thing in the morning or right before park closure. The attraction doesn’t have the ability to offer Fastpass (it would make standby waits unbearable) but does offer a Single Rider Line. There is also a smartphone game available in the exterior queue of the ride.
  • Magic Carpets over Agrabah— Board a giant carpet and spin high in the sky above Agrabah around a giant genie lamp! The ride is similar to Dumbo: The Flying Elephant and Orbitron and guests are able to control the height of their carpets. The ride is slow-loading but not as popular as its similar counterparts in over in Disneyland and waits above 25 minutes are only seen on the busiest of busy days. Fastpass isn’t a good use at all here since waits are considerably low during both morning and late afternoon.
  • Cars Quatre Roues Royalle— Inside this mini-Radiator Springs, zoom along-side Lightning McQueen and spin in this small circuit from the world of Cars. The ride is really similar to Mad Hatters’ Tea Cups in Disneyland and opened in 2007 along with Crush’s Coaster. The least popular attraction in the park rarely sees waits above 20 minutes.
  • Art of Animation— Discover the history and birth of animation relive the best moments of Disney’s animation legacy, see the creation of a classic character and draw on your imagination by trying your hand at a host of interactive animation experiments. A typical walkthrough attraction, not busy.
  • Mickey and The Magician— This ground-breaking show follows Mickey through his journey to become a magician as he meets some Disney characters such as Rafiki, Genie and Elsa! Performs on select times during the day so check the schedule.
  • Toy Story Playland— Shrink into the size of a small toy and visit Andy’s backyard garden! Andy has unpacked many games, ready with for guests with your favorite Toy Story friends like Woody and Buzz. Opened in 2010 as the second expansion of the park
    • RC Racer— Andy has unpacked his favorite game! Board this colorful car and zoom up and down in a curved, orange, half-pipe rollercoaster towering race track with breathtaking 90 degree falls! The ride is designed to give a “sense of thrill” albeit not offering very much to the average guests. Still the fact that only one car can run on the tracks (meaning a capacity fewer than 1000 riders per hour) and the its healthy popularity can mean waits above 50 minutes occasionally, which is insanely long for a ride that only lasts 1 minute. Experience it within the first or the last hour that the park is open or use the Single Rider Line.
    • Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin— Jump aboard the back of Slinky Dog as he spins round and round, up and down in circles, always trying to catch his tail. Another slow-loading attraction, this one isn’t nearly as popular as the RC Racer or Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop and lines rarely surpass 20 minutes.
    • Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop— Welcome to the Army camp! Build your stamina and your courage as a new recruit of the Green Army Men in a towering rise-and-drop freefall parachuting exercise. The attraction is based on the Green Army Men from Toy Story movies. The ride loads faster and has the ability to hold more people than the RC Racer leading to waits roughly 5-10 minutes shorter. Still it is better experienced early or late during the day as the 1 minute that the ride lasts doesn’t hold on to its 40min+ occasional lines.
  • Ratatouille: The Adventure— Step into a small plaza inspired by one in neighboring Paris where Chef Gusteau’s Restaurant is waiting for you! Shrink to the size of a small rat and let Remy take you on a wild, whirl world adventure from the rooftops of Paris to fiery kitchens to see for yourself the world of Ratatouille! This ride IS the reason to visit Walt Disney Studios Park and opened relatively recently in 2014. It also employs state-of-the-art special effects along with impressive 3D technology to enhance the experience. So you would expect for a ride this good to have long waits right? The answer is no. Unlike Crush’s Coaster, the attraction was designed with a very healthy capacity in mind – and Fastpass and Single Rider Line – so even on busy days lines stay around the 50 minute mark. Still it is better experienced either early or late in the day or with Fastpass and the Single Rider Line.


Crank up the volume in Rock n’ Rollercoaster, see for yourself a stunning car show or experience the special effects from the movie Armageddon, the Backlot is filled with experiences full of adrenaline. The Backlot will be transformed into a Marvel-themed land and will probably close in late 2018 or early 2019.

Fastpass offered: Rock n’ Rollercoaster

  • Rock n’ Rollercoaster – Avec Aerosmith— Jump from 0 to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds and ride the music in this magnificent indoor rollercoaster, filled with catchy tunes from the American rock band, Aerosmith. The ride originally opened in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World and was copied here as one of the three opening-day attractions of the park. Lines for the ride begin to enlarge around 11pm since it takes a while for the crowds to move to the Backlot. Its good capacity also means that waits above 35-40 minutes are uncommon. Better experienced either with Fastpass or early in the day. The Backlot also empties considerably in the last 2 hours before park closing.
  • Armageddon: les Effects Speciaux— Rocket over this building and experience an explosive special effects show inside a spacecraft’s control room. This isn’t a typical show. Guests are asked to stand around a circular platform that has a hole in its center (from where the special effects are shown). The show features loud sounds, moments of complete darkness and the platform has the ability to move. Rarely a line above 20 minutes.
  • Action! Stunt Show Spectacular’— A sensational, wheel-screeching Disney stunt show featuing four-wheeled cars in a Meditteranean town themed area. The show performs on select times during the day so check the schedule and lasts 45 minutes.


If you can plan your timing somewhat, you may wish to take advantage of the free FastPass system. When you get to a ride, you can get a so-called fast pass that allows you to bypass the bulk of the queue at a set, later time. Even when the park is only moderately crowded, it’s a good idea to get fast passes for popular rides early (Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan and Tower of Terror for example). FastPass exists only for a few of the most popular rides. On non-peak days with low queues they may not bother issuing Fastpasses on some attractions, only issuing them for the two or three most popular rides in the park.

You first go to the Fastpass distribution area near the entrance of the ride, swipe or scan your park admission ticket in one of the machines and receive a free Fastpass coupon with a time frame. You then have to come back in that given time frame to experience the attraction. If you don’t like the proposed time frame, you need to either get in the regular line or come back for a Fastpass later. You cannot take another FastPass ticket before the start of the time frame on your current Fastpass. There is a limited number of Fastpass tickets available each day so you should take them before they are all gone – especially for Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan and Tower of Terror.

Note that some attractions which regularly attract long lines such as Crush’s Coaster and Autopia do not offer Fastpass so plan when to visit these attractions with the shortest wait e.g. at the very beginning or end of the day.

Starting October 15, 2018 Disneyland Paris introduced the new SuperFastpass system. This is a prepurchased additional Fastpass option for those with limited time on their hands and wanting to experience everything Disneyland Paris has to offer. Super Fastpass with Family or Big Thrills, Super Fastpass Big Thrills, Ultimate Fastpass One Time Access and Ultimate Fastpass Unlimited Access. They range from €30 low season to €150 high season per person.

The cheapest food on the premises can be bought at McDonald’s. Unsurprisingly, they are much more expensive than any average McDonald’s. The McDonald’s in Disney Village is the largest in France.

Disney offers various hotels in and around the park. They vary in quality and style. All should offer a free safe to store your valuables during the day, including notebook computers (Laptops). Inquire at the reception. Most are within easy walking distance from the Park

An asterisk (*) indicates hotels that offer point exchanges to members of the Disney Vacation Club.

  • The Cheyenne hotel has a Western theme. It’s a bit outside – you have to take the bus to reach the Village – and it’s a little on the budget side. The rooms are nice and it’s a good value for the money. A walk around takes 10-15 minutes but is not that well signposted, perversely the signposts to the Park are easier to see on the way back from the Park than on the way there, but it’s a fairly easy level walk. The hotel is a little on the budget side, basic, clean sort of the average travel lodge type. They offer an “all you can eat buffet” which is actually some of the best food on the Disney site.
  • The Disneyland* hotel is the most lavish and famously expensive. It is situated over the main entrance so walking isn’t a problem, however this means that there is a bit of a walk to the village and lake Disney.
  • The New York* hotel is situated on Lake Disney. This hotel tends to attract business customers coming for conventions.
  • The Newport Bay* hotel is situated on Lake Disney. The theme is New England. Due to its many balconies and a very large swimming pool, this is a great hotel to stay at in the summer and offers great views out into the lake and beyond.
  • The Sequoia Lodge* hotel is situated on Lake Disney. The hotel consist of a main block where most of the rooms are and a number of smaller blocks scatter through the woods surrounding the hotel, it is quite a nice place to explore.
  • The Santa Fehotel is situated on the other side of the river beside the Cheyenne hotel. You can reach the parks by walking but may prefer to take the bus as it is a ten to fifteen minute walk to the park but its probably the cheapest of them all.
  • The Davy Crockett Ranchis situated 5 minutes drive away (you have to have a car as there is no shuttle). It is quite different from the other hotels and consists of separate motel style accommodation with cooking facilities. There is also a shop (open late) and a swimming pool, horse rides and a petting zoo.

As well as the above, there are several outer hotels, all of these offer transport to the park but they don’t have a Disney theme and may not be included in special offer packages.

One such hotel is the Holiday Inn, which is situated alongside the official Disney hotels. It is also served by the Disney bus from Charles de Gaulle airport, and by the frequent shuttle buses to/from the parks. It has a circus theme throughout, and has good sized family accommodation.

  • PV-Holidays Adagio Val d’Europe is another cheaper, self-catering option. Located minutes from Eurodisney- with a free shuttle bus to and from. Apartments spacious, comfortable and self-catering. Designed on the model of a private mansion house, with decor combining an urban style with the spirit of an English garden-city, the residence is also ideally located next to one of Europe’s largest shopping centers.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Allée De La Mare Houleuse. The Radisson Blu hotel is ideal for those wanting a bit more space, this modern hotel also boasts the Disneyland Golf course on its door-step so it is ideal for golfing enthusiasts.  
  • Dream Castle Hotel Paris (Dream Castle Paris), 40 avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs. This Disneyland Paris hotel is located near Paris, France. The 4-star Eurodisney hotel offers accommodation for families and business travelers, two restaurants and a bar, conference venues, and spa services.