Useful Travel Tips

Be sure to read these travel tips before you go.

Travel is full of major decisions — like which country to visit, how much to spend, and when to stop waiting and finally make that all-important decision to book tickets.  Here are some simple tips to smooth the way on your next vacation. But beyond the big picture, it’s the little things that can make a trip easier and less stressful.

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Trip Planning

The planning stage of your trip can be instrumental in its success and an enjoyable part of the experience itself. You have a world of options…and plenty to consider.

Before You Go Checklist

Timing Your Trip

Getting Your Travel Documents Together

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Tips for Traveling Solo

Tips for Traveling with Kids 

Making the Most of Your Trip


Figuring out how to get around is one of your biggest pre-trip decisions.

Long-Distance Buses

Booking Flights


Rent a Car or Take the Train?

Packing Light

On your trip you’ll meet two kinds of travelers: those who pack light and those who wish they had.

Adapters and Converters

Packing List

Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Bag


Use your money wisely. Advice on the best time to use cash or card and how to avoid unnecessary fees either way.

Pay with Plastic or Cash?

Bank Card Safety Tips for Travelers

Tips on Using ATMs

Phones and Technology

Phones and other smart devices can be huge time-savers…or expensive distractions. Tips for making the best use of technology during your trip, and for calling home with or without your own phone.


Thefts and Scams

The odds are in your favor for enjoying a perfectly safe and incident-free trip. Improve your chances by taking a few common-sense precautions.

Outsmarting Pickpockets and Thieves

Travel with a Money Belt: Your Portable Safe

Tourist Scams and Rip-Offs


Your restaurant choices can be a matter-of-face chore…or they can provide rich opportunities to connect with others and their culture.


Health and Hygiene

Take comfort: Doctors, hospitals, launderettes, and bathrooms aren’t that different in other places. Dealing with them can even be part of the fun of travel.


Sightseeing and Activities

Once you’re on the ground the real fun begins…but it pays to have a thoughtful plan. These pointers will help you get oriented to your surroundings, use your sightseeing hours wisely, and find your way off the beaten path.

How to Avoid Lines and Crowds

Smart Sightseeing Strategies

Tips for Enjoying a place on a Big-Bus Tour