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General Guidelines for booking tickets

These guidelines will help you avoid errors and save you time and money.

1/ Please make sure you choose the correct ticket for your destination. Some usual errors are to forget booking return tickets, to forget the tickets for multiple people and to book ticket on the wrong dates.

2/ Always look for the confirmation e-mail with your ticket and read it carefully. In case of an error, you have to contact the airline immediately and make arrangements (after 24 hours some airlines don’t give refunds). 

3/ Please make sure you understand what option you have for the check-in. It can be made online few days ahead or at the airport. 

4/ Please make sure your personal information are correct ( your name on the ticket has to be exactly the same as it is written on your ID or passport).

5/ Please make sure you have chosen the correct options in case you are carrying a luggage. 

6/ Please make sure you have enough time when changing planes at the airport so you don’t miss your connecting flight. 

7/ For more information, please read our general travel tips. Useful Travel Tips

World Tourism Portal can in no way be responsible for failure to do any or all of the things for which rights and interests are herein applied. It is only your responsibility to make sure you have booked the correct tickets for your trip and we cannot in any way be help liable for potential errors, cancellations, delays, refunds, charges and/or changes of the tickets.


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