Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
World Tourism Portal

World Tourism Portal is a one-stop-shop for booking flight tickets, hotels, car rental and scooter rental, cruises, museum tickets, concerts’ tickets, train and bus tickets and so much more.

Our search engine includes all the big providers that you already know and so many smaller ones so you always find the best deal and you don’t have to waste time searching and comparing on other sites. Booking your whole trip was never easier.

World Tourism Portal’s mission is to help the explorer travel further. Easier, faster and safer.

This is why we are always trying to improve our services and develop new ones so you can research about a place and book a complete package for your trip without having to look for information or service on any other sites.

Yes, World Tourism Portal is a legitimate travel agency business based in Cyprus which operates globally.

There are no financial transactions taking place on the website when purchasing a booking of any kind.

This website is basically a huge search engine including all major and numerous smaller providers for every travel service available worldwide so it saves time and money from having to look around multiple other websites. Also, the travel guides of many countries and cities provide exceptional and detailed information for tourists.

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