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Explore Victoria, Seychelles

Explore Victoria the capital of the Seychelles islands, located on the island of Mahe.

Victoria is one of the smallest capital cities in the world and the only major port in the Seychelles. Its courthouse and post office in the center of town have been virtually unchanged since colonial times.

The airport in the city is Seychelles International Airport. This is the hub for Air Seychelles.

The buses cater to the locals and are fairly cheap. Buses are sometimes irregular and may come to a stop less often than in other cities, so don’t be surprised to wait for a while.

The taxis are metered and will often offer to be your tour guide around the Island. Negotiate a price beforehand.

The most popular alternative among locals. Bikes can be rented for cheap at some shops in the city.

What to see

The Natural History Museum features many displays of the natural wildlife of the Seychelles.

Attractions in the city include a clock tower modeled on that of Vauxhall Clock Tower in London, England, the Courthouse, the Victoria Botanical Gardens, and the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market. The city is also home to the national stadium and a polytechnic institute, while the inner harbor lies immediately east of the town, around which tuna fishing and canning form a major local industry.

What to do in Victoria, Seychelles.

Visit the morning market where residents buy and bargain for fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.

What to buy

Coconuts and coconut products are very abundant and inexpensive in Victoria.

What to eat

There are 42 restaurants on Mahe Island.

What to drink

In the center of Victoria. Great atmosphere where you can nicely mix with locals. Big plus – a taxi station just a few steps away, so to get home or to your hotel is not a problem even if you have had a few drinks. Here you can meet celebrities, models and sometimes not-so-quiet type businessmen. Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Dress code enforced: men should wear long pants only, covered shoes and no sleeveless shirts.

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