explore Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates
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Explore Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates

Explore Umm Al Quwain one of the 7 members of the United Arab Emirates, covering an area of 800 square kilometres and stretches from the beautiful, lush green coastal mangroves lining the shores of the Persian Gulf, inland across the rolling sand dunes to the fertile oasis surrounding Falaj Al Moalla.

The inland oasis and hinterland town of Falaj Al Moalla lies some 50km from Umm Al Quwain city.

From November to March temperatures are idyllic and average 26C in daytime and 15C at night (79F to 59F). Temperatures can rise over 40C (104F) in the peak of the summer and the humidity levels are high. Rainfall is minimal. The coastline experiences cooling sea breezes during the day.

The name Umm Al Quwain is derived from Umm Al Quwatain, which means “Mother of two powers”, a reference to the powerful seafaring tradition of this emirate. The modern history of Umm Al Quwain dates back some 200 years when the Al Ali tribe moved their capital from Al Sinniyah Island to its present location in the mid 18th century, when the sweet water supply dried up.

What to see. Best top attractions in Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates

  • Dreamland, Ras Al Khaimah Highway;  is the world’s largest aqua park.
  • The traditional activities of fishing, falconry, camel racingand dhow building are still evident in Umm Al Quwain emirate. The Shahin (or peregrine) falcon can be spotted here along with the famous light skinned hunting hawk, the AI-Hur.
  • The dhow building yardwhere skilled craftsmen continue to assemble these traditional boats is still very much in existence. In the old town, around the fort, the once charming old coral stone houses still display features of the original architecture and intricate sculptured plaster work.
  • The Aquariumis on the headland beside the new port. Part of the Marine Research Centre and open to visitors by prior arrangement, it features the large variety of fish and sea life found in the region including rays, snakes and corals. Barracuda Beach Resort can arrange group visits.
  • Happylandis a kids’ heaven with attractive video-games, jumping castles and alot more a kid wants
  • Islands of Umm Al Quwainlie to the east of the mainland peninsula on a unique stretch of coastline consisting of sandy islands surrounded by dense mangrove forests, separated by a series of creeks. The largest of the seven islands is Al Sinniyah, followed by Jazirat Al Ghallah and Al Keabe, all of which are visible from the old town. Tucked in between these and the coastal plains are the smaller islands of Al Sow, Al Qaram, Al Humaidi, Al Chewria and Al Harmala. The Madaar creek running between the islands provides a navigable waterway for fisherman even at low tide when the average depth is less than a few feet. Barracuda Beach Resort can arrange group visits to these islands.
  • Camel Racing- going inland, the road to the Camel race track at Al Labsa affords an exceptionally pretty drive. This lovely race track is set in the lee of large dunes to the left of the road leading to Falaj Al Moalla. During the winter months, the camels race early in the morning on Thursdays and Fridays and spectators are welcome. Camel caravans are a familiar site crossing the desert from one race track to another. The dunes in this area, interspersed with wooded dales, provide a challenging terrain for off road desert drivers or as they are commonly called “dune bashers”. They also offer some of the most picturesque desert camping spots in the emirates promising an unforgettable night under the Arabian stars. Group camping trips can be arranged.
  • Umm Al Quwain Museumis a renovation of the fort of Umm Al Quwain which once guarded the entrance to the old town, overseeing the sea on one side and the creek on the other. The museum houses artifacts found at important nearby sites including Al Dour and provides a fascinating insight to bygone times. Restoration work is scheduled to recreate the aged wall that once surrounded the original settlement
  • Al-Durwas a coastal city from 200 BC to the third century AD. The site, along and to the right of the Sharjah/Ras-al-Khaimah highway, has been excavated and many interesting artifacts put on display at the UAQ museum.
  • Palma Bowling Clubis more than bowling as there is pool(snooker), video games, shisha bar, beachside restaurant and much more. The place gives a feel of Egypt (Pyramids and Mummies). Could easily be reached through Taxi.
  • Umm al Quwain’s Cornicheis the best place in the world for those who enjoy the sounds of waves and peace. Smoking “Shisha” could be the best moment at UAQ’s Corniche at night for those who love Shisha in peace; especially in chilly Winter nights.
  • Sailingin the calm waters of the lagoon provides some of the best and most interesting sailing in the Northern Emirates.
  • Conditions are ideal for water-skiing, wind surfing, kayakingand jet-skiing. Sailing and canoeing through the clear, quiet waters to the deserted islands and exploring the mangrove swamps inhabited by a variety of seabirds, fish and insects offers a unique adventure for any visitor. Pink flamingos, jumping fish, turtles, numerous crabs and rays can all be seen in their natural environment.
  • Umm Al Quwain Marine Club and Riding Centreis not far from the fish souq, situated on a large stretch of shaded beach overlooking the lagoon. The riding club, established in 1979, at one time had more than 40 horses and a team of qualified riding instructors.
  • The Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub, not far from Dreamland, is the first UAE aviation club and was set up under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Mualla. Easily recognised by the vintage Antonow-2 Bi-Plane and the enormous Iljuschin-76 Cargoplane on display, the Airport has 6 spacious hangers, a 1.800m Runway, with N-VFR lighting, a spacious coffee shop etc. etc.. The club is world-known for its skydiving and parachute championships and has hosted the Asiana Championship 2005, Boogie 2005, 2006. Further, it solely provides the opportunity for flying, hot air ballooning, skydiving (single & tandem!), parachutingand Para motoring in the U.A.E.. Training and lessons are given throughout the year and friendly advice is offered from experienced GCAA certified instructors and pilots. The aircraft available include micro lights, gliders, Cessnas and a plane for aerobatics. The Skydiver section recently got a brand-new “AIRVAN” as drop-platform. This is the perfect place to fly (and learn to fly!), away from the main U.A.E. airports and over some of the Arabian Gulf’s deserted beaches and enchanting lagoons. Flying enthusiasts meet here on Thursdays and Fridays and anyone is welcome to drop in.
  • Umm Al Quwain Motor Racing Clubis situated on the city side of Dreamland and offers participants the opportunity to experience the speed, thrill and exhilaration of off road dune buggy racing and motor hiking in three purpose built arenas.
  • Falaj Al Mualla Garden Park. Few Meters away from UAQ bridge in Emirates Road or Outer Bypass Road. Family Oriented place that offers a never before facility in the Emirates – Swimming Pool (for kids and adults – with toilets and changing rooms). Open to all residents with a very minimal fee of Dhs. 2 per person (with free use of pool). Timings: 8am -11pm (Sunday-Wednesday) Pool only for women and kids / 10am – 12mn (Thursday – Saturday) Pool open for families. Aside from kids playground, bbq areas there is also mini grocery, bikes rental, tricycle ride
  • Lulu Hypermarketis a great place to shop and buy garments, grocery, foodstuffs, perfumes and electronics.
  • Salma Marketa small well-known market famous for its cheap clothes.
  • Al manamah Hypermarketis a great place to shop and buy garments, grocery, foodstuffs, perfumes and electronics as well.
  • Carrefour Express, King Faisal Road. A compact and hence convenient mart to buy high-quality goods.

Most of the hotels have a bar and/or nightclub; some have more than one.

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