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Districts in Taipei, Taiwan


  • Wanhua is the oldest district of Taipei, home to many historic buildings, such as the Longshan Temple and the Red House Theater. Ximending is the “harajuku of Taipei”, a shopping neighborhood centered on teenager fashion, Japanese culture and subcultures.


  • Datong is one of the oldest inhabited areas in what is now Taipei. It used to be the city’s commercial centre, but has lost relevance as the economic centre shifted southeast to Zhongzheng, Daan and Xinyi. It is now most known for Dihua Street with its Japanese colonial and Qing dynasty architecture and Chinese herbal and dry goods shops.


  • The political center of Taiwan and the location of the Presidential Office and important government ministries. Its prime tourist attraction is the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.


  • Zhongshan has riverside parks, the Martyrs Shrine, the Fine Arts Museum, and a large pub and bar scene.


  • Daan is a modern commercial district. The northern part of Daan is known as Taipei’s East District, offering department stores, plenty of fashion boutiques, lounge bars, and atmospheric restaurants and some of the most expensive real estate in the city. The southern part of Daan is home to National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Normal University and many small shops and restaurants geared towards students.


  • Xinyi is the modern financial district of Taipei and home to the Taipei 101, the World Trade Center and the International Convention Center. It is the newest part of the city with many shopping malls and entertainment venues.


  • Many firms and financial institutions in this neighborhood, which is directly north of the East District. Raohe Street Night Market is one of the oldest of Taipei’s famous street markets.


  • This district is famous for hot springs and the Yangmingshan National Park.


  • A traditional area of the city that is known for its excellent museums, including the world famous National Palace Museum. Shilin is also home to one of Taipei’s largest night markets and the expat enclave of Tianmu.


  • Located in the north-east of the city, Neihu is a hub of IT industry in Taipei, home to many large shopping centers, and a great place for hiking and ‘templing’. A mouth-watering juxtaposition of local Taiwanese culture and modern shopping malls and restaurants. A definite must-visit, Neihu is largely a secret to the tourist world, unfortunately.


  • Neighboring Neihu, this district is known for its IT industrial complexes and is also home to one of Taiwan’s leading academic institution – Academia Sinica.


  • This district comprises the two traditional districts of Muzha and Jingmei. It is in the south of the city and associated with its many tea plantations and also for being the location of Taipei Zoo.

Taipei is surrounded by New Taipei, the largest city of Taiwan by population and surface area. Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung, are basically one metropolitan area, but are run by three different government authorities.