explore Solovetsky Islands, Russia
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Explore Solovetsky Islands, Russia

Explore Solovetsky Islands, a group of islands in the White Sea in Arkhangelsk Oblast. It is a true pearl of the Russian north.

Solovetsky islands, or Solovki, are an archipelago lying in the White Sea, a hundred miles below the Arctic Circle. They are mostly famous with their Solovetsky monastery, a 15th century UNESCO World Heritage List object, but visitors also can enjoy breathtaking scenery of unspoiled northern nature mixed with religious and archeological objects. Earliest of them are stone labyrinths constructed in 1st-2nd century AD by an unknown ancient culture. Latest ones were built during Stalin’s period, when Solovetsky monastery was expropriated by Bolsheviks and used as a GULAG camp. After the USSR collapse the monastery was returned to Russian Orthodox Church, restoring its role of a key national shrine and becoming a destination for numerous tourists and pilgrims. This combination of spirituality, wilderness and bloody past of Solovki will leave no one indifferent.

Islands are sparsely populated, but their tourist facilities are able to host various visitors, starting from campers up to premium guests. A typical journey lasts 3-4 days and is best performed in summer during the midnight sun season. Cold winds and myriads of mosquitoes are the challenge.

Mystical home of monasteries and chapels, priests and holy fools, Solovetsky symbolizes Russia’s spiritual past. Memories of Stalin’s infamous GULAG camps speak of darker times.

Great Solovetsky Island

Solovetsky Monastery. UNESCO World Heritage list masterpieceof architecture. Building started in 15th. C. Monastery closed in 1920’s becoming a detention centre. See Holy Gates, Transfiguration Cathedral, Assumption Church, Nikolskaya Church, Annunciation Church and Refectory Complex.

Sekirnaya Hill & Church of the Ascension

Botanical Gardens & Makaryevskaya Hermitage

A local company “The Wharf Ltd.”  (website in Russian, but you can use google translate to see it in English) runs daily ships between Rabocheostrovsk and Solovki Islands every summer.

Official tourism websites of Solovetsky

For more information please visit the official government website: 

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