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Explore Ribe, Denmark

Explore Ribe in Jutland, Denmark. Ribe is a small town, and the only really practical method for getting around is on foot.

Though Ribe is a small town – there is much to experience. Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark and also the best preserved medieval town with many preserved buildings. Ribe is the closest neighbor to the Wadden Sea National Park. In Ribe you can stroll around in cobblestoned streets with half-timbered houses and enjoy the atmosphere, the cozy cafés and the specialty shops.

Ribe Cathedral, is worth a visit alone for the view from the top of the church tower, overseeing the complete town of Ribe, surrounded by flat moors as far as the eye stretches. The view from above, of the city and the river running through it, gives a good impression of the medieval and Viking origins of the city.

Ribe’s Night Watchman. Every evening from 1st of May until 15th of September you may accompany the night watchman in Ribe on his route through the old, winding streets, while he is singing to alert citizens about bedtime approaching. Along the way he will tell you tales about witches, floods and fires.

What to see. Best top attractions in Ribe, Denmark

  • Ribes Vikinger. The Museum Ribe’s Vikings – the Viking era and the middle Ages.
  • Ribe Vikinge Center – a visit to Ribe Viking Centre will provide you with a unique experience and new knowledge about the Viking Age. You can wander round the reconstructed life-size Viking estate, peopled with Vikings with whom you can work and talk. Worth a visit. It’s a very big place with many activities can do inside. Like a Viking theme park.
  • Ribe Art Museum with paintings from Denmark’s Golden Age and the famous Skagen painters.
  • The Wadden Sea Centre. Go and see the Wadden Sea National Park and then visit “The Wadden Sea Centre” less than 10 km. from Ribe. See the Multimedia-show about storm surges. Build your own dike. Nature guides arrange public tours in the National Park

What to do in Ribe, Denmark.

Town Walk in Ribe. Experience the Middle Age, the Reformation and the Renaissance in Ribe – the oldest town in Denmark.

“Black Sun.”  Visit Ribe in Spring and Autumn – huge numbers of starlings land in the marshes at the Wadden Sea. They are looking for daddy long legs and garden chafer grubs in the wet meadows. At such time you can observe a fascinating panorama called “Black Sun”.

“Wadden Sea National Park” .The Wadden Sea and the Ribe Marshes are established as National Park from 2010. The Wadden Sea has global significance as one of the world’s 10 most important wetlands. Tidal wetlands, like the Wadden Sea, are some of the most productive ecosystems known. Plant materials, myriads of animals and micro-organisms in the sediments of the Wadden Sea make the area to one of the largest feeding grounds for migratory birds.

What to buy

  • Parmos Port Wine Fruits.
  • Ribe Sweets.
  • Ribe Beer.

Official tourism websites of Ribe

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