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Explore Melanesia

Explore Melanesia a region of Oceania which consists of the following small island nations:

  • Fiji a major island tourist destination. Resorts, coral reefs and beaches.
  • New Caledonia (France)
  • Solomon Islands. Site of major Second World War battles that involved, among others, JFK. Its main island is Guadalcanal.
  • Well-developed island destination. The New Hebrides, was a British-French Condominium until 1980.
  • Norfolk Island (Australia). A small island home to about 2,000 people.


  • Nouméa — the capital of New Caledonia.
  • Suva — the large capital of Fiji.

Melanesia provides a wealth of tropical islands to discover with sandy beaches, world class diving and snorkeling, fascinating history and culture, spectacular waterfalls, inquisitive birdlife and much more. There are a few cruise companies that visit this region.

Heritage Expeditions takes the 50 berth expedition ship the Spirit of Enderby to some of the most remote and otherwise difficult to get to islands in Melanesia including the islands of Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea throughout October and April every year.

Official tourism websites of Melanesia

For more information please visit the official government website: 

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