Explore Japan

Visit the cities of Japan

If you want to visit the cities of Japan then your search begins here:
  • Tokyo — the capital and main financial center – modern, cosmopolitan, and very densely populated.
  • Yokohama — just south of Tokyo, with its own international port and flavor
  • Kamakura — ancient city and power center of Japan in the 13-14th centuries, with many impressive temples and shrines
  • Himeji — city in western Kansai with Japan’s finest original surviving castle and beautiful Kokoen Garden
  • Kanazawa — historic city on the west coast
  • Kyoto — ancient capital of Japan, considered the cultural heart of the country, with many ancient Buddhist temples and gardens
  • Hiroshima — large port city most famous for the A-bombing, yet offers so much more for those who explore it
  • Nagasaki — ancient port city in Kyushu with a unique Dutch and Chinese influence
  • Nara — first capital of a united Japan, with many Buddhist temples, shrines, gardens, and historical buildings
  • Osaka — large and dynamic city located in the Kansai region
  • Kobe — charming international port next to Osaka, famous for its beef and hot springs
  • Sapporo — largest city in Hokkaido, famous for its snow festival
  • Sendai — largest city in the Tohoku region, known as the city of forests due to its tree lined avenues and wooded hills
  • Nikko — popular scenic mountain area north of Tokyo, with the Tokugawa mausoleums
  • Dewa Sanzan — three holy mountains frequented by pilgrims and ascetics on the western Tohoku coast
  • Japan Alps — series of high snow-topped mountains in the center of Honshu
  • Miyajima — island just off Hiroshima, site of the iconic floating torii
  • Mount Fuji — iconic snow-topped volcano, and highest peak in Japan (3776m)
  • Mount Koya — mountaintop headquarters of the Buddhist Shingon sect and massive ancient Okunoin cemetery
  • Sado Island — island off Niigata, former home to exiles and prisoners, now a brilliant summer getaway
  • Shiretoko National Park — unspoiled wilderness at Hokkaido’s northeastern most tip
  • Daisetsuzan — also in Hokkaido, Japan’s largest national park
  • Yaeyama Islands — the farthest-flung bit of Okinawa, with spectacular diving, beaches and jungle cruising
  • Yakushima Island — UNESCO World Heritage site with enormous ancient cedars and misty primeval forests.