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Explore Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands. The maximum length of the island by highway is 42 km.

Explore Ibiza and its cities:

  • San Antonio
  • Ibiza Town
  • Santa Eulària des Riu
  • Sant Josep

Formentera- neighboring tranquil and unspoilt island set in some of the cleanest, most turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, and a beautiful boat ride to get there.

Ibiza and Formentera are also known as the “Islas Pitiusas” because of the abundance of pines that cover their landscapes. Ibiza and Formentera are home to about 111,200 inhabitants.

Though Balearic Catalan is the official language of the Balearic Islands, and all sign posts etc. are in Catalan, Castilian (Spanish) is the main language of the island, with most natives speaking either English or German. English is very widely understood throughout the island, and you can get by with just a basic knowledge of Spanish if you wish to make a slight effort

Ibiza Town is a city in Spain and full of character, heart, soul, spirit and history. Not only is it home to the amazing UNESCO World Heritage listed site Dalt Vila – a huge, walled fortress surrounding a cobbled street town. It’s also the place where all the nightly summer action kicks off in a multitude of bars and restaurants in the port area. By day the jet set, yachting types and VIPs linger around the super cool Marina Botafoch area and just walking distance away are beautiful, laid-back beaches. Mediterranean history, ancient architecture, stunning seaside scenery and a cosmopolitan nightlife scene all merged into one unique place.

Baluard de Sant Jaume, Dalt Vila. 10am-2pm & 6pm-9pm. Wonderful hands on exhibit of the military technology of the XVIth to the XVIIIth centuries. Wear armor, heft cannon balls, plot lines of fire. Exceptionally well done!

Shopping is an incentive appealing to visitors to the island since Ibiza has a huge range of shopping facilities. Visitors are surprised to discover typical Ibizan fashion which has been given the name Adlib fashion and can be found both in shopping centers and street markets. The most popular shopping area is set in the port of Ibiza, where all sorts of different designer labels can be found.

For vintage, Hola Hola (Mercat Vell) is the place to be; for one-off made-in-Ibiza pieces, Kurru Kurru (Plaza del Parque) and Loyandford at White Horse Boutique (Calle de la Cruz); and for designer labels, Revolver (Calle Bisbe Azara), Galy (Isidoro Macabich) and Mayurka (Vara de Rey and Avinguda Ignasi Wallis) are my constant source of fashion inspiration. If you’re a high street addict, you’ll love Mango, Blanco, Stradivarius (Ibiza’s answer to Topshop) and Spanish mega-brand Zara (for women, men and kids). Late at night, the famous gay strip of Calle de la Virgen comes alive with funky fashion boutiques (for men and women), quirky sex stores and everything in between.

Renting a car on Ibiza is easy as long as you can show your driving license. During the summer months of July and August renting a car can be difficult due to high demand, best to book early. Car hire prices are highly competitive.

Boats – Sailing is also a very popular way to view the island of Ibiza as the coastline has many beautiful hidden caves and secluded bays worth visiting. If you want to visit Formentera you will either have to buy a boat ticket or acquire a boat charter or yacht rental. There are a few places where you can rent a boat or a yacht for a few days, however, many require a boat license or you can hire a local Skipper, who will guide you to the best spots by boat.

Walking – the cities are small enough not to require any mechanical locomotion

Jet Ski – Another way to visit the most popular beaches is to hire a jet ski or take a Jet Ski tour to Es Vedra Island.

What to see, Best top atractions in Ibiza, Spain

  • Es Vedra, the mystical island rock off Ibiza’s west coast.
  • Atlantis, a hidden cove, but only if you can find a local who’ll tell you its secret location.
  • Passeig de ses Fonts in San Antonio.
  • The old part of Ibiza Town.
  • Visit nearby Formentera by boat.
  • Explore the many beaches all along the coast.
  • The famous Es Canar Hippy Market (held only on Wednesdays) on the east coast of the island and Las Dalias Hippie Market in San Carlos on Saturdays.
  • Visit Bar Anita in San Carlos, the historical venue where the artists and writers of the 50s, 60s and 70s used to collect their cheques and stop for a drink.
  • Visit Cova de Can Marçà in Puerto de San Miguel, the biggest natural caves in Ibiza. A must in Ibiza.
  • The beautiful beach that settles just outside the main hub of town. Many young people will be seen flocking to pay for daily rentals on beach chairs, and hawkers scan the beach looking for young adults to attend their club of choice.

What to do in Ibiza

Explore some of the traditional countryside of this beautiful island that few people take the time to enjoy.

Take a boat or go parasailing.

Learn Spanish in some of the language schools around the island. Some of them are specialised on teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Most of them are located in Ibiza town, where you also will be able to make use of your knowledge the best way and it also will be easier to stay in hostels near a school.

Take part in your own Professional Photoshoot.

Explore the wharf side festival. Hundreds of locals flock to the carnival-style stands for fresh foods, enticing smells, and quality made trinkets.

Try luxurious hand-made soaps that cast a wonderful aroma into the air.

During the local beach front festivals, merchants offer a wide array of goods.

The numerous stalls are alive with colors and patterns.

In addition to incredible tastes and smells, there is a strong visual aspect to the festivals. A snake charmer is seen leading a small parade through the different stands at the glee and fright of small children everywhere.

If you’re interested in craft beer, visit Ibiza’s first microbrewery Ibosim Brewhouse located in Port des Torrent

What to eat

Don’t forget to try two local specialities: ensaimada, a sort of flat, soft pastry coil – what a Danish pastry would be if it was more like a doughnut – and flao, a sweet cheese and mint flan. Most pastelerias and many bars sell ensaimada – flao is a bit more difficult to track down.

There are also plenty of fast food restaurants/outlets in San Antonio and Ibiza Town if you’re after something quick to eat on the go.

What to drink

Ibiza is famous for its nightlife. During the day most tourists are soaking up rays at one of the gorgeous beaches or sleeping off the past night’s drinks. Bars do not get busy in Ibiza town or San Antonio until early evening, about 7PM.

Nearly every bar, particularly in the busier summer months, has “drink specials” that will be advertised (more like hawked) on the street outside the bar. These are good options to save some cash in a notoriously expensive destination.

The West End, near San Antonio center, is a long, wide street packed with bars and revelers. The party shuts down at around 3 or 4AM here.

Ibiza is most known for its large clubs. Ibiza clubs attract some of the best DJ’s in the world who play a weekly ‘residency’ on a particular night.

Official tourism websites of Ibiza

For more information please visit the official government website: 

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