Explore Greece

Touring in Greece

Greece is a country full of myths, traditions, history and culture.

It combines natural beauty, discoveries and secrets.

Discover its many charms, and unique natural landscapes.

You can feel the history and get pleasant feeling that the world is ultimately very rich, very beautiful and very interesting.

It’s only a short trip through time

Spring in Greece is the time to travel. Nature is at its best.  You can experience memorable trips seeing green valleys, fields and a sea of green glides on mountains,



By bus and train

Intercity buses are a very popular option for domestic travel. KTEL is the national government-subsidized network of independent businesses which cooperate together to form a dense route system serving almost the entire country. The system is efficient, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. It serves both long and short distances, including routes from major cities to islands near the mainland.

Trains are a better way to get around, but the national rail system is extremely limited, and the national rail network is currently under major renovation.

By car

Exploring the country by car can be an extremely rewarding experience, allowing you to explore the incredibly scenic and varied terrain of the country’s coastlines, interior, and islands, at your convenience. Roads are usually well-marked and well-maintained. Because of the rapid expansion and improvement of the nation’s road system, it is advised to have the most updated road map(s) possible. Many of the newer motorways are toll roads, and fees can be expensive. Road signs in Greek are usually repeated with a transliterated version in the Latin alphabet.

By ferry

The frequency, reliability and availability of Greek ferries are largely dependent upon the time of year. During the winter (December to March), the weather can be extremely rough and boats are often kept in port for days at a time. This type of delay is extremely unpredictable and determining when a harbored boat will actually set sail is near impossible. Therefore, travellers in off-season should build some flexibility into their schedule and not plan on departing an island in the morning and catching a flight home in the afternoon. On the opposite end of the spectrum, ferries in August fill up due to the National Holiday (Aug 15), so travellers should plan ahead.

During high-season there are extensive connections from Athens and quite a few in-between islands for “hopping.” Again, in the winter, some of these ferries run once, maybe twice a week.

Visitors to Greece planning to travel by ferry should be aware of some potential complications. First, it can’t be assumed that you can get from any given island to any other island every day of the week.

Second, trying to find advance information on ferry schedules can be frustrating. Unfortunately there exists no single official comprehensive source for Greek ferry schedules either in print or on line, though many of the individual ferry companies have web sites giving their schedules, in some cases offering the ability to book and pay for tickets on line. Ferry schedules are also always posted at the boat ticket offices in departure ports

You shouldn’t try to micromanage your ferry itinerary too strictly in advance, be flexible, and always have a backup plan. And it’s always a good idea not to count on taking a ferry from the islands to get back to Athens the same day your plane leaves, even if boat schedules theoretically should enable you to do this, this will probably work, but there’s enough of a chance it won’t. To make it prudent plan on getting back to Athens at least one day before your flight.

By plane

The nation’s domestic air travel covers mainland and islands. They offer an extensive route network within the country, including service connecting several islands to the mainland.