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Sports in Greece

Ski resorts

Greece is a famous summer destination because of its sun and beaches. But it is also a winter destination for the ski lovers.

It has 24 ski resorts, almost 200kl of slopes and 122 lifts.

Mount Parnassos–fterolakka–kellaria central Greece 2300-1600m, 36k,17 lifts

Falakro eastern Macedonia 2232m-1650m, 20km, 9 lifts

Vasilitsa western Macedonia 2215m-1646m, 19km, 8 lifts

Chelmos in kalavrita 2340m  – 1700m, 12km, 7 lifts

Vigla Pisoderi in western Macedonia 2000m-1650m, 11,1km, 5 lifts

3-5 pigadia in Naousa 2005m-1420m, 9km, 6 lifts

Voras – Kaimaktsalan in central Macedonia 2480m-2030m, 14,5km, 5 lifts

Tymfristos – velouchi in central Greece 222m-1840m 8,4km, 8 lifts

Ostrakina – mount mainalo 1860m – 1500m, 5,8km, 4 lifts

Are just a few to mention.

Golf courses

Greece is one the places where you can combine a vacation with golf. Greece offers the ideal conditions for golf holidays, good weather and a good amount of hours of sunshine along the year. There are 8 golf courses spread out across the country seven 18-hole and one 9-hole all with high standard facilities and unique beauty. Each golfing destination is exceptional. Picture yourself in a beautiful scene in abundance to please the eye. Spectacular sea views surrounded by trees, birds singing, enjoying your favorite sport – golf. Golfing in Greece is a delightful experience, while you exercise your body and mind. Add to all this, the wonderful climate, sunshine throughout the year, as well as the exceptional luxury hotel infrastructure and the rich Greek cuisine to complete the experience of golfing .

Golf courses are in

  • Corfu 18 holes
  • Costa Navarino (Messinia)  two 18 holes
  • Crete Elounda 9 holes
  • Crete chersonisos 18 holes
  • Glyfada (Athens) 18holes,
  • Halkidiki 18 holes
  • Rhodes 18holes,

Action seekers

Greece offers sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, trekking, skiing, horseback riding, touring, off-road driving, rock climbing, and gorge crossing, hiking or just walking.

Whatever your sport Greece can provide it


Sailing in Greece is a rewarding experience and it’s really the only way to get away from it all!

Information about the sport in Greece, the sailing clubs in each geographical region, the requirements and procedures needed to participate in special training programs, is provided by:

Hellenic Sailing Federation
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